Friday, December 4, 2009

Frosty Friday Morning

A few years ago when we did a kitchen reno, I got the open shelves I wanted. I had envisioned a very simple classy "great wall of china" like "MARTHA". Just white pieces, which we had a lot of.
But it was boring. Maybe my pieces just weren't interesting or classy enough, not sure. It didn't take long before it was getting doctored up with a shot of color, depending on the seasons. It also helped to keep the shelves themselves cleaned routinely.

My sister gave me this cute Nordic Christmas teapot.
Shhhhh! Don't tell but this next one is supposed to be a doggie dish
(from Ross).
But it works great for snowy mashed potatoes.

Love, love, ambient lighting. Have this little lamp that I just swap shades out on.
Covered this one with red ticking, to go with the Scandia decor.

When Pottery Barn came out with their snowy and glittery candles, I thought they would go great with our Christmas decor, but they were pricey. I had some plain cheapo red candles that I had set aside to glam up. When I saw Melissa's post about epsom salts; I thought PERFECT!
Ashlyn helped me this morning. It was easy and fun, and didn't they turn out fab?

We just painted on our mod podge, rolled and sprinkled our epsom salts on, and let dry.

It was so fun, we were looking for other things to "frost" too, and didn't know where to stop:<)
The lambs ears look like frosty tongues:

the teasel:

the dandelions:

Even Chantilly?

Evidently Jack Frost thought it was a fun project too!

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Lots of festive goin's on out there!

***************UPDATE ON Yesterday's CIVIL WAR***********
It was a close game, a platypus toss up. you might say...
Unfortunately for the Beavs.......
Heads won.
(Jim is flaunting it.....strutting around here with his Duck emblazened chest puffed out!)

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Anonymous said...

I love your open shelves and adding the red pieces looks great! That Epsom Salt idea from Melissa is such a good one - might have to try that myself. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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