Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deck the halls with fruitcake follies, fa la la

Hittin' the fruitcake again, sweetie?

Poor little thing. No one even knew she was tired,
and she fell asleep drawing a picture in the library.

Americans, and our fickle tastebuds.....
We don't seem to have the strong sense of tradition that the Brits do,
Four-score and seven years ago our fore-fathers brought forth on this continent,
but through the years, it has become nothing more than a source of holiday ridicule.
Jane Brocket is busy baking up more, because they've finished theirs off....

and I made ONE to SPLIT with my parents.

I found this recipe the first Christmas Jim and I were married, and have been making it ever since.

It uses mincemeat (I use brandy and rum, apples and raisins one) and condensed milk.

Aren't these stained glass colors pretty?

Through the years, I've tried eating lots of different fruitcakes.
Some are like eating fruits stuck together with karo syrup.
Some are too dry, cakey, not enough goodies.
This one is perfect to my liking.

After it's baked,
I always give it a good soak in "White Christmas", which is a rum and brandy mix.
I wrap it in a muslin "imbibed" cloth.

One of my sisters doesn't like the fruit-cakey stuff at all. I do.
I REALLY love Martha's recipe for Christmas Pudding and made it for several years too,
Have made Italian Pannetone, and Dundee Cake,
but am trying to simplify things these days, so am leaving it at this.
Fruitcake brings back goofy memories:
When I was a little girl, I spilled the beans to my teetotally grandma, that my mama used wine for her fruitcakes. Oops!
It was not cool in Jr. High School, having fruitcake in my sack lunch for dessert,
when anybody who was anybody, had twinkies and Hostess cupcakes.
I'm so glad I'm grown and don't give in to peer pressure anymore!
People can make fun of my fruitcake all they want.
It might not cut it in the school lunch room,
but it sure tastes good with a hot cup of English tea!


jesslea said...

I so hear you on the fruitcake. I love it! Paul's mom (who is British) helped me make my first fruitcake last year. This year I made it on my own (with a little help from Rachel and my sister). I made it back in November. I've been meaning to post a blog about it like you have. Hail to the mighty fruitcake!

Dot said...

I still think fruitcake makes a charming, if a tad kitchy, door stop! But, your "seafoam" candy is even better than the old Sears candy counter. Mmmmm--Thx!

kate said...

I love fruitcake! Save me a piece!


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