Sunday, November 29, 2009

Firstborn Grandchild

His parents were ready to be parents, but I wasn't sure I was ready to be called "Grandma".
I had images of my own grandmother, who had seemed OLD as long as I could remember. My Mom was already "Nana", and I was having trouble coming up with a "name" for myself.

The day he came home from the hospital, his Mama went downstairs to the kitchen for something, and left me rocking him upstairs. As I nuzzled against his soft little face, I got teary and whispered "Oh Matthew, your granny loves you sooooooooo much."
and then quickly swore him to secrecy! "Don't tell anyone I just called myself that....'k?" (I don't think he ever has)

There was definitely some identity crisis going on....I have cards that are addressed to
"Gran-lady" Jim's idea, and "Granny" which I just couldn't handle, it conjured up images of Whistler's Mother to me.....and finally "Nanny".
Nanny has led to some confusion for other people, "This is my Nanny" results in being thought by them as the hired help. But; Nanny, I am.

Matthew is so dear to all of us. He was this pivotal little person that made all of us become "more". Now we were grandparents, aunties, and uncles. Everyone doted on him.
I love his sweet spirit. I love the way he and his sister are best friends. He is growing up so fast, but I love how he still lets me hug him.

Because his Nanny (and Papa) love him sooooo much.

Happy Birthday Matthew!

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Sarah said...

thank you Nanny. I love you.


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