Saturday, August 22, 2009

Destination: Depot Bay

Wednesday was another toasty day in the valley, so we decided to cool our heels, and spend the day at the coast. We had lunch at Depot Bay, and the girlies had fun filling a bag with all of their favorite flavors of salt water taffy. We ventured north to the beach. There was burying each other in the sand, sliding down a sand bank, wading in the surf, and chasing waves (they won).

Extra clothes had been packed for the girlies, but Papa and Nanny had to sit on a quilt all the way home.

School will be starting soon........melancholy sigh


jesslea said...

I wanna be your grandchild. Great pictures too!

kate said...

Cute pictures Mama.

"m" said...

i'll take you Jess!
thanks, Kate!

Heidi said...

Wonderful photos! We were at Depoe Bay on Sunday.... eating lunch (at the Spouting Horn) and buying salt water taffy. :)


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