Monday, August 24, 2009

Pirates and Pixie Dust

(*Remember* : You can double click on the pictures/collages to see a larger version)
Aye, Aye, Captain!

The Tinkerbells Two

Kate made Peter Pan's hat for him. Isn't it cute?

Handpainting: a treasure for parents to take home.

Not feeling so great. Bless his heart.

Goodie Bags for the kids....many hidden treasures...including a few pixie stix......

Another awesome party!

We love you Joe!


jesslea said...

Awesome pictures. Kate is the best at birthday parties. All the cute details and thought. Love it.

Heidi said...

What an incredible birthday party!! I love the cards with the handprint and quote, and the costumes are fabulous. Wow!

"m" said...

Thank you! Kate is a very creative and thoughtful party planner, she always does such amazing things! And Sarah is awesome at "playing along" with costumes for her kids that go with the theme. It makes for a fun time!


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