Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Love Between mothers & daughters

Having a dear Mama, three daughters of my own, and their each having daughters now also, this special bond is near and dear to my heart.

When going through the pictures I had taken this weekend, I came across these of Michelle and Ava. Such a sweet Mommy and baby girl!

This is my favorite ^

"Gradually I began to realise that she liked me,
that she had no option to liking me, and that
unless I took great pains to alienate her she
would go on liking me, for a couple of years at
least. It was very pleasant to receive such
uncritical love, because it left me free to bestow
love; my kisses were met by small warm rubbery
unrejecting cheeks and soft dovey mumblings
of delight."
~Margaret Drabble~
from "The Millstone"

"I have so much I can teach
her and pull out of her. I
would say you might
encounter defeats but you
must never be defeated. I
would teach her to love a
lot. Laugh a lot at the
silliest things and be very
serious. I would teach her
to love life, I could do that."
~Maya Angelou~


Amarjit Singh Kullar said...

The love of mother and daughter cant be measured. there are so many cinemas which depicts the love. Great to see these thing,

kate said...

So pretty! I love these- need to get them from you!!


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